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For best results:
Take a complete Body Massage with Cumsee Lotion.
Rub into skin and  body once daily.

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The discovery of Cumsee Lotion can be a marvelous breakthrough in relieving human suffering. The product is not a drug.  Cumsee is an enabling force that creates an environment susceptible to healing of the body.  This product elevates our body function in a way that gives us a short step back towards creation.  It seems to benefits us both physically and emotionally.  It may be the silver bullet that seems to help just about everything health wise.

This product in some unknown way energizes the body's electrical system.  The body produces more electrical energy which enhances many body functions.  A massage with Cumsee lotion seems to invigorate the entire system, physical and mental.

It is no surprise that so many people have been testifying about the life changing effects discovered after using Cumsee Lotion.  Testimonies of improved vision, healed wounds, relief from pain, improved circulation, normalization of blood pressure, removal of skin blemishes, and much, much more.  The list goes on and on.

There are many drugs and particularly pain medications that abuse the human system.  It is no surprise that the more drugs one takes the more impaired one becomes.  Drugs do not heal, the body  heals itself. Drugs are looked upon as the main entity that heals just about all diseases or is it so? You be the judge.

Let us examine what a pain medicine might do.  An organ in the body is damaged or injured and a message is sent to the brain through the electrical system. This is like our 911 call that says help is needed. Lots of signals go to the brain, hearing, smelling, seeing, etc. The pain signal also interprets what degree of help is needed.  So the brain begins to send help in order to bring back normalization to the damaged part of the body.
Man is brilliant!  What does he do? Ingest a chemical and the pain is no more. Happiness returns and this becomes cyclical.  What happens to the brain? In layman terms the drug interrupts the electrical current and the brain can no longer communicate with the injured organ.  The highway through which the brain sends help is damaged.  In many cases the problem is made worse.  You may not feel the pain because the nerves that carries the messages to and from the brain is interrupted.  

Diseases take longer to heal and often seem to get progressively worse, and some become chronic.  Some drugs disconnect the cord or impair the vehicle that carries the electrical energy which heals the body.

Looking for sustainable results?  Need a cure that will produce minimum or no interference with your body functions?  Is your life traveling in a dark tunnel with no light at the end? No solution in sight? Are you taking five, ten, fifteen or even more medications and not getting better?  Are you disillusioned and plagued with doubts? Doubt your doubts and try Cumsee Lotion, you won't know until you check it out.                                                         
The Healthcare System needs better solutions. Medicine is a science, not an art, or is it?  People are looking for results.  In science, if hypothesis doesn't work, you try something else.

Cumsee might be a possible solution.  You won’t know until you try it.  You don’t have to be sick to use Cumsee. You don’t need professional or scientific education to administer Cumsee.  Many have been exposed to the cutting edge of modern medicine for years, with little or no positive results.  Cumsee has turned their lives around in almost a moment.

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"I have a granddaughter that is 20 years old now. She was born with cerebral palsy. She can't walk, she can't talk, she can't eat, she's been hooked up on a machine all her life.

One day my daughter was telling me about Cumsee Lotion. Mr. Leonard came over and I put it all over her body. And I thank the Lord because now she can raise her hand. And she no longer needs glasses. I am a living testimony." --Barbara Watts

"I took it, and my mother tried it because she's had arthritis in her hips for over 25 years, and she's got problems with her back and everything.

She started to use the product, and the product started to work for her. And we've just been blessed to have this Cumsee because it really works.

Contents Includes: Annotto Oil, Golden Seal, Almond Oil, Water,  Extract of Nutmeg, Rosemary, Bay Leaves, Aloe, Oregano, Echinacea, Clove Oil, Vitamin B12, Sorrell,  Lavender

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