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About Us
My name is Leonard Lewis.  I was born in Jamaica, raised on a farm, and now living in the United States.  From a young man, I always had an interest in herbal products, particularly the healing qualities of herbal products.

I have been working on an herbal product for years. This product is called Cumsee Lotion. People are using Cumsee Lotion all over the world.  This is a product many are stating relieves pain, improves circulation, reverses Type II diabetes, improves eyesight, and betters the texture of the skin.

I studied for 4 years at West Indies College. I moved to the United States, shortly after, where I attended and graduating from Andrews University in Michigan. I brought Cumsee Lotion, a product derived from the Annatto plant, to public attention.  I originally planned to market his product as a skin care lotion, but changed my marketing purpose after introducing it to residents, and seeing miraculous results.  A physician endorsed the Cumsee lotion, after he saw improved results in the condition of his patients suffering from skin sores.

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